Hi all! I have been poor at releasing new tales, but I’m excited to post about an upcoming contemporary YA release with the sweetest romance. Both ebook and paperback editions are available if interested. Ebook is pre-order and paperback is 2/1/2022. Just in time for Valentine’s Day! This is my debut, and it has been such a long, challenging process. I never thought I’d get here, I am sure I’ve done something wrong :), and yet I am still super excited. Here is the blurb.

Quiet, introspective mortal, Scarlet Leone, is at odds with her legendary peers. While everyone else battles heroically for glory or romance, she is determined to keep off the beaten path of eternal love and eventual marriage. With a raging father, an absent mother, and a skeptic soul, she has no interest in falling for the sweet-talkin’, divine Cy Smith.

The gods have other plans.

Innocent astronomy lessons under star-studded skies give way to an intimacy that uproots Scarlet from all that she has known and believed. Spanning across the years, Scarlet finds herself faced with the prospect of everlasting love, but she must first gather the courage to surrender her fears and find the faith to let go. Will Scarlet give in to her desire and devotion before it’s too late?

Set against a spiritual mosaic of inspiration, forgiveness, and strength, Becoming Athena grants a tender look at the grandiose highs and heartbreak of coming of age, marking the epic evolution from girl to goddess.

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