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The Yuletide Clockmaker

Far up north, where Milk Glass is hand-blown by winter into the sea, an old man tinkers in his shop. His name is Od, which is an oddly fitting name, for he was hewn from the oldest Bristlecone alive. A creation by Father Time as a gift for humanity. A present to last until humanity ceased to exist. Although he was once spry and … Read More The Yuletide Clockmaker

The Star-Catcher

Once there was a kingdom of darkness, and another that was always light. Nobody knows who ruled the land of darkness, but a giant ogre king who only ate fallen stars ruled the realm of light. Like many weighed down by jewels and crowns, the king required others to catch his stars, but the only star-catcher that remained was a girl named Aurelia. All … Read More The Star-Catcher


Once upon a time, there was a good witch who lived in the belly of an enchanted forest. Her only visitors were the animals that stumbled upon her cottage by accident. Although she mended their cuts and scrapes, and gave them potions when they were ill, her blue skin and silver eyes scared them all away. After many years, the witch grew lonely. She … Read More Sugarheart